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Log Parser Lizard 8.0

Loads and runs SQL queries against text files and displays the output
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Described by many as a graphical user interface for Microsoft Log Parser, Log Parser Lizard is actually an excellent query tool in its own right. It offers you an attractive and intuitive window for both Log Parser’s results and any other SQL query you wish to perform on massive text-based data, regardless of its size and complexity. Its flexible report designer adds even more to its high-end viewing options.

There is no doubt that Microsoft’s Log Parser is the standard for SQL queries in the Windows arena, but it is equally true to say that it’s far from being the most user-friendly query tool. Here is where Log Parser Lizard comes into play, offering you a ribbon-based tabbed interface to design and perform your own queries away from the Spartan command-line interface provided by Microsoft. Then you can view the results as a spreadsheet (complete with a wide range of tools and features), as a pie chart or as an attractive report that you can even design yourself. It also allows you to build your own dashboards with all the necessary data fields, arguments, values, and series, and export data to PDF or Excel documents. And the best thing is that you won’t have to design and build the same query all over again from scratch the next time you need it, as – unlike MS Log Parser – you can save your queries for later use and tweak this or that parameter to fine-tune your searches whenever needed.

Log Parser Lizard can parse all kind of text-based data, from CSV and TSV files to event logs, IIS logs, registry entries, the files stored on your system, and XML files. Custom log formats, such as RegEx, Android, and log4net are also supported, and you are provided with all the tools needed to perform queries for Microsoft SQL Server, OLEDB, Facebook Query Language, and even Google BigQuery services. The program comes with a series of useful queries built-in (mainly related to your Windows logs and File System), but – as said – you can build your own any time from any text-based group of data. It can analyze data not only faster but more efficiently than before thanks to a series of new features available from this version, such as Quick Query, the Dashboard Viewer and Designer and the Report Designer (both mentioned above), and the DB Connection String Builder.

Log Parser Lizard is much more than just a pretty face for MS Log Parser – it is a full-featured, attractive, and well-designed query tool with support (both for the input and the output) for all known text-based data files, which provides high-quality viewing and reporting options and comprehensive analyses of large amounts of data. There is no need to rediscover this tool after years of successful deployments and improvements – suffice it to say that there is no better tool to take full leverage on the data provided by MS Log Parser than Log Parser Lizard.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Full-featured and nicely designed Log Parser GUI
  • Fast query performance
  • Compatible with Facebook Query Language, Google BigQuery services, and MS SQL Server
  • High-quality data viewing options
  • Exports to Excel and allows for customized reports


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